Turbo Type 1.31


It offers you autocomplete suggestions while you type a text on-screen.

Turbo Type is an application that gives you the chance to autocomplete text and words in any text editor, email client, forms or in general any field where you enter text. The functioning of the program is the following:

Turbo Type monitors everything you type, and automatically suggests ways to finish the word you are typing. You can use the keyboard to select one of these suggested words, and press Enter to insert it into the text.

The program can also learn what you write, memorize the words you use most, and show them at the top of the suggestions list. You can add them to your text simply by pressing a key. Finally, you can configure the program so that it shows you suggestions after typing 2,3 or 4 of the first letters of a word, or only when you ask for it. If you want you can exclude set keyboard monitoring windows and processes, which is very useful in situations where you don`t want Turbo Type to offer anything (like in games).

Turbo Type is also compatible with any text editor, and so is its learning mode. It is only compatible with British English.


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